Even German giant isn’t immune to frequent faults

Even German giant isn't immune to frequent faults !!!

Engineers of AvtoElektronika d.o.o. company in  Črnuče, have discovered interesting stuff – frequent fault, related to AirBag module, obviously didn’t affect only Fiat cars.  Big German brand Audi is affected. We tried to find solution online, but unfortunately we were without success. Obviously our guys did an excellent job – again!

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Frequent fault on Fiat model cars!

Frequent fault on Fiat model cars!We prepared excellent news for you! Indeed, when our experts repaired AirBag module for Fiat Bravo, they discovered fascinating thing, which no one succeeded till now. At first this mistake seemed to be minimalistic, but eventually they’ve  discovered, that it’s frequent fault, which could make a lot of problems in your vehicle!

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