Frequent faults of Ford engine control units

Ford ECU problem not working SIM19 SIM20 SIM21 SIM210 SIM22 SIM24 SIM28 SIM29

Frequent faults of Ford gasoline engines engine control units.



  • The vehicle struggles to start or does not start at all
  • The engine shakes and misfires
  • Incomplete combustion inside two or all cylinders


Diagnostic tester report:

  • P0351 Ignition coil A primary/ secondary functional disorder
  • P0352 Ignition coil B primary/ secondary functional disorder


All those who have this problem, and want to repair it as soon as possible, can contact us on the number +386 41 652 952 or, by sending an e-mail to, or through the contact form.

We offer 1 year warranty on the repair.


List of Engine Control Unit families:

  • SIM19
  • SIM20
  • SIM21
  • SIM210
  • SIM22
  • SIM24
  • SIM28
  • SIM29


Catalogue Numbers:

Ford: Siemens / Continental:
1S5X12A650BB S118685001B
1S5X12A650BC S118685001C
1S5X12A650BD S118685001E
1S5X12A650CC S118685002C
1S5X12A650CD S118685002E
1S5X12A650CE S118685002F
1S6A12A650AB S110678003B
1S6A12A650AD S110678003D
1S6A12A650AE S110678003E
1S6A12A650AF S110678003F
2S6A12A50TH S118107003L
2S6A12A650NB S118763001C
2S6A12A650NB S118763001D
2S6A12A650NC S118763001F
2S6A12A650ND S118763001G
2S6A12A650NE S118763001H
2S6A12A650PB S118763002C
2S6A12A650PB S118763002D
2S6A12A650PC S118763002F
2S6A12A650PD S118763002G
2S6A12A650SC S118107002D
2S6A12A650SD S118107002E
2S6A12A650SE S118107002F
2S6A12A650SE S118107002H
2S6A12A650SF S118107002J
2S6A12A650SG S118107002K
2S6A12A650SH S118107002L
2S6A12A650TC S118107003C
2S6A12A650TE S118107003F
2S6A12A650TE S118107003H
2S6A12A650TF S118107003J
2S6A12A650TG S118107003K
2S6A12A650YD S118107006D
2S6A12A650YE S118107006E
2S6A12A650ZB S118763003C
2S6A12A650ZC S118763003F
2U7A12A650TA S118107007A
2U7A12A650TB S118107007B
2U7A12A650TD S118107007D
2U7A12A650TE S120977010A
2U7A12A650TG S120977010D
2U7A12A650UB S118763004B
2U7A12A650UD S118763004D
2U7A12A650UD S118763004E
3M5112A650FE S118934002E
3M5112A650FF S118934002F
3S5112A650BE S118685003E
3S5112A650BF S118685003G
3S5112A650BG S118685003H
3S5112A650CB S118685006B
3S6112A650BB S118107010B
3S6112A650BC S118107010C
3S6112A650CB S118107004D
3S6112A650CC S118107004E
3S6112A650EB S118107008D
4M5112A650HB S118934101B
4M5112A650HC S118934101C
4M5112A650HD S118934101D
4M5112A650HE S118934101E
4M5112A650HF S118934101F
4M5112A650HG S118934101G
4M5112A650HJ S118934101J
4S6112A650AB S120977002B
4S6112A650CA S118107014A
4S6112A650DA S118107020A
4S6112A650EA S118107012A
4S6112A650EB S120977003A
4S6112A650FB S120977006A
4S6112A650GA S118107013A
4S6112A650HA S118107018A
4S6112A650HB S120977007A
4S6112A650JA S118763005A
4S6112A650JB S118763005B
4S6112A650JC S118763005D
4S6112A650KA S118763006A
4S6112A650KA S118763026A
4S6112A650KB S118763006B
4S6112A650KB S118763006C
4S6112A650KC S118763006D
4S6112A650LA S120977014A
4S6112A650LB S120977014C
4S6112A650LC S120977014E
4S6112A650LD S120977014F
4S6112A650MB S120977017C
4S6112A650NA S120977013A
4S6112A650NB S120977013C
4S6112A650NC S120977013E
4S6112A650ND S120977013F
4S6112A650PB S120977016C
4S6112A650PC S120977016E
4S6112A650SB S120977015C
4S6112A650SC S120977015E
4S6112A650SE S120977015G
4S6112A650TC S120977012D
4U7112A650LA S118934105A
4U7112A650MB S120977020C
4U7112A650MC S120977020E
5M2112A650GF S118934103F
5M5112A650FD S118934102D
5M5112A650FF S118934102F
5M5112A650FG S118934102G
5M5112A650GC S118934103C
5M5112A650GD S118934103D
5M5112A650GE S118934103E
5M5112A650HD S118944001E
5M5112A650HE S118944001F
5M5112A650HF S118944001G
5M5112A650HG S118944001H
5M5112A650ZB S118934104B
5S5112A650AC S118685022D
5S5112A650AD S118685022E
5S5112A650BC S118685021D
5S5112A650BD S118685021E
5S5112A650CB S118685026B
5S6112A650DC S120977022D
5U7112A650DA S118944002A
6M5112A650AAB S118944012B
6S5112A650AB S118685032B
6S5112A650BB S118685031B
6S6112A650FC S120977315C
6S6112A650FD S120977315D
6S6112A650FH S120977315H
6S6112A650GC S120977313C
6S6112A650GD S120977313D
6S6112A650HC S120977316C
6S6112A650HD S120977316D
6S6112A650JD S120977314D
6S6112A650LD S120977312D
6S6112A650NB S118763015B
6S6112A650NC S118763015C
6S6112A650PB S118763016B
6S6112A650PC S118763016C
6S6112A650SB S118763025B
6S6112A650TB S118763026B
7M5112A650AFA S118934202A
7M5112A650AFB S118934202B
7M5112A650AFC S118934202C
7M5112A650AFD S118934202D
7M5112A650AGC S118934203C
7M5112A650BBC S118944202C
7M5112A650KA S118944005A
7M5112A650KB S118944005B
AM5112A650AA S118934309A
BS6112A650AA S120977052A
YS6A12A650BB S110678001C
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