Frequent faults of DQ250 (02E) DSG Transmissions

DSG DQ250 (02E) problem not working

Frequent faults happen to the DQ250 (02E) DSG Transmissions.



  • The transmission remains in the same shift.
  • The tacho warning lamps turn on.
  • The vehicle does not move, sets the shift position to N or the shift change is very violent.
  • There is no communication between the transmission control unit and the diagnostic tester or any other control unit on the vehicle.


Error codes:

  • P2711 Unexpected/Implausible Mechanical Gear Disengagement
  • P0701 Unit faulty
  • 17085 Unit faulty


All those who have this problem, and want to repair it as soon as possible, can contact us on the number +386 41 652 952 or, by sending an e-mail to, or through the contact form.

We offer 1 year warranty on the repair.


Catalogue Numbers:

02E927770AA 02E300050E 02E325025AA 00401969A1
02E927770AD 02E300041 02E325025AD 00401974A2
02E927770AD 02E300041 02E325025AD 00401974A1
02E927770AD 02E300041 02E325025AD 00401974A2
02E927770AD 02E300041A 02E325025AD 00401974A2
02E927770AD 02E300041A 02E325025AD 00401974A3
02E927770AD 02E300041N 02E325025AD 00401974A1
02E927770AD 02E300041Q 02E325025AD 00401974A1
02E927770AD 02E300041Q 02E325025AD 00401974A2
02E927770AD 02E300041R 02E325025AD 00401974A1
02E927770AD 02E300041R 02E325025AD 00401974A2
02E927770AD 02E300042M 02E325025AD 00401974A2
02E927770AD 02E300042T 02E325025AD 00401974A1
02E927770AD 02E300043L 02E325025AD 00401974A8
02E927770AD 02E300043M 02E325025AD 00401974A8
02E927770AD 02E300044F 02E325025AD 00401974A8
02E927770AD 02E300044N 02E325025AD 00401974A8
02E927770AD 02E300046E 02E325025AD 00401974A1
02E927770AD 02E300047F 02E325025AD 00401974A2
02E927770AD 02E300050C 02E325025AD 00401974A8
02E927770AD 02E300050E 02E325025AD 00401974A1
02E927770AD 02E300050E 02E325025AD 00401974A2
02E927770AD 02E300050H 02E325025AD 00401974A8
02E927770AD 02E325025AD 02E325025A
02E927770AD 02E325025AD 02E325025A
02E927770AE 02E300042F 02E325025AE 00401975A3
02E927770AE 02E300042G 02E325025AE 00401975A3
02E927770AE 02E300042H 02E325025AE 00401975A3
02E927770AE 02E300042S 02E325025AE 00401975A3
02E927770AE 02E300042S 02E325025AE 00401975A4
02E927770AE 02E300042T 02E325025AE 00401975A3
02E927770AE 02E300042T 02E325025AE 00401975A4
02E927770AE 02E300043 02E325025AE 00401975A3
02E927770AE 02E300043 02E325025AE 00401975A4
02E927770AE 02E300043 0 02E325025AE 00401975A3
02E927770AE 02E300043C 02E325025AE 00401975A3
02E927770AE 02E300043C 02E325025AE 00401975A4
02E927770AE 02E300043E 02E325025AE 00401975A4
02E927770AE 02E300043K 02E325025AE 00401975A4
02E927770AE 02E300043M 02E325025AE 00401975A5
02E927770AE 02E300043S 02E325025AE 00401975A4
02E927770AE 02E300043S 02E325025AE 00401975A5
02E927770AE 02E300044D 02E325025AE 00401975A5
02E927770AE 02E300044F 02E325025AE 00401975A5
02E927770AE 02E300044G 02E325025AE 00401975A5
02E927770AE 02E300044L 02E325025AE 00401975A4
02E927770AE 02E300044N 02E325025AE 00401975A5
02E927770AE 02E300047F 02E325025AE 00401975A4
02E927770AE 02E300047J 02E325025AE 00401975A4
02E927770AE 02E300050C 02E325025AE 00401975A3
02E927770AE 02E300050C 02E325025AE 00401975A5
02E927770AE 02E300050C 02E325025AE 00401975A7
02E927770AE 02E300050C 02E325025AE 00401975A8
02E927770AE 02E300050D 02E325025AE 00401975A7
02E927770AE 02E300050E 02E325025AE 00401975A3
02E927770AE 02E300050E 02E325025AE 00401975A4
02E927770AE 02E300050K 02E325025AE 00401975A7
02E927770AE 02E300050M 02E325025AE 00401975A8
02E927770AE 02E300050P 02E325025AE 00401975A7
02E927770AM 02E300011AE 02E325025AM 00406400A4
02E927770AM 02E300046D 02E325025AM 00107456A3
02E927770AM 02E300051T 02E325025AM 00406400A2
02E927770E 02E300046F 02E325025E 00107195A3
02E927770F 02E300041G 02E325025F 00107415A1
02E927770G 02E300041C 02E325025G 00107195A4
02E927770G 02E300041C 02E325025G 00107195A5
02E927770G 02E300041G 02E325025G 00107195A4
02E927770G 02E300041P 02E325025G 00107195A5
02E927770G 02E300046D 02E325025G 00107195A4
02E927770G 02E300046F 02E325025G 00107195A4
02E927770G 02E325025G 00107195A4
02E927770L 02E300041C 02E325025L 00107455A2
02E927770L 02E300041E 02E325025L 00107455A2
02E927770L 02E300041F 02E325025L 00107455A2
02E927770L 02E300041G 02E325025L 00107455A2
02E927770L 02E300041K 02E325025L 00107455A2
02E927770L 02E300046D 02E325025L 00107455A2
02E927770L 02E300046E 02E325025L 00107455A2
02E927770M 02E300041R 02E325025M 00107456A3
02E927770M 02E300046D 02E325025M 00107456A3
02E927770M 02E300046F 02E325025M 00107456A3
02E927770R 02E300046F 02E325025R 00107460A2
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