Frequent faults of the injection modules V17DT/L on Opel vehicles

Opel injection module Y17DTL problem not working

On Opel engines Opel Y17DT/L happen faults on the injection modules.


  • The “Engine Fault” warning light turns on
  • THe engine rumbles during drive
  • The engine turns off, once it reaches working temperature
  • The vehicles does not start


Error code:

  • P0251 – Spill Valve Malfunction (Injection Pump)


These problems manifest on vehicles Opel Astra G 1.7 Dti (Y17DT/L) and Opel Corsa C/Combo 1.7 Dti (Y17DT/L).

All those who have this problem, and want to repair it as soon as possible, can contact us on the number +386 41 652 952 or, by sending an e-mail to, or through the contact form.

We offer 1 year warranty on the repair.


Catalog numbers:

Opel 16267710 6237108 Isuzu 8971891360
Opel 16267710 6237108 Isuzu 8971891361
Opel16267710 6237108 Isuzu 8971891362
Opel 16267710 6237108 Isuzu 8971891363
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