Frequent Faults of Johnsons Controls and Sagem Tachometers on Renault vehicles

Renault Espace II Scenic II Tacho Dash Dashboard Johnson Controls Sagem

On Renault models Scenic II and Espace II occur frequent faults of the dashboard.


  • Randomly interrupts
  • Randomly changes the mileage
  • High-pitch sound from the speedo
  • The right side display, where the Radio stations and Clock are shown, do not work
  • At every contact, the mileage and clock reset to zero
  • Does not turn on


All those who have this problem, and want to repair it as soon as possible, can contact us on the number +386 41 652 952 or, by sending an e-mail to, or through the contact form.


Catalogue Numbers:

Scenic II
Renault P8200107954A Johnson Controls 216689408
Renault P8200107954C Johnson Controls 216689408
Renault P8200113293C Johnson Controls 216689429
Renault P8200332353C Johnson Controls 216754987
Renault P8200353671C Johnson Controls 216760568
Renault P8200353673C Johnson Controls 216760571
Renault P8200365607 Johnson Controls 216771074
Renault P8200365607B Johnson Controls 216771074
Renault P8200365607D Johnson Controls 216771074
Renault P8200365607E Johnson Controls 216771074
Renault P8200365608B Johnson Controls 216771251
Renault P8200365608D Johnson Controls 216771251
Renault P8200365608E Johnson Controls 216771251
Renault P8200451505A Johnson Controls 281131401
Renault P8200451506A Johnson Controls 281131422
Renault P8200461294B Johnson Controls 281133520
Renault P8200461294H Johnson Controls 281133520
Renault P8200461295 Johnson Controls 281133533
Renault P8200494955A Johnson Controls 281179133
Espace II
Renault P8200030530 Sagem 216605238
Renault P8200288813 Sagem 2167322027
Renault P8200288813D Sagem 216732027
Renault P8200288813E Sagem 216732027
Renault P8200288814C Sagem 216732030
Renault P8200288814D Sagem 216732030
Renault P8200288814G Sagem 216732030
Renault P8200288814H Sagem 216732030
Renault P8200288816 Sagem 216732048
Renault P8200288816B Sagem 216732048
Renault P8200288816C Sagem 216732048
Renault P8200288816D Sagem 216732048
Renault P8200288816E Sagem 216732048
Renault P8200322052G Sagem 216746279
Renault P8200322053E Sagem 216746266
Renault P8200322053H Sagem 216746266
Renault P8200551286A Johnson Controls 281157781 AZ1041EG
Renault P8200980658 Johnson Controls 1742489 AZ1041MG
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