Faults of the display on Toyota Yaris tachometer

Toyota Yaris Tacho Dash Dashboard

The Toyota Yaris left side small display on the dashboard does not work.


  • The display does not work. Doesn’t show fuel/kilometer consumption, external temperature and clock.

All those who have this problem, and want to repair it as soon as possible, can contact us on the number +386 41 652 952 or, by sending an e-mail to info@avtoelektronika.si, or through the contact form.


Catalogue Numbers:

838000D500D Denso MB4573003116
838000D610D Denso
838000D630D Denso MB4573003146
838000D660D Denso MB4573003176
838000D661 Denso
838000D690D Denso MB4573003206
838000DJ00 Denso MB4573003611
838000DJ60 Denso
8380052A70 Denso 4573003012

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