Repair Bose Amplifiers on vehicles Mazda 3 and Mazda 6

On vehicles Mazda 3 and Mazda 6, made between the years 2009 and 2014, comes to frequent faults of the Bose amplifier. There is sparking and cracking coming from the speakers, sounds disappear and in its place noise. In some cases there is no sound at all.


All of you, who have already faced with this issue and want to fix it immediately, can call us on numbers +386 1 563 53 25, +386 41 652 952 or send us an email on and make an appointment with us. You can also write us a message from our Contacts page and we will try to respond in the shortest amount of time!


We received some amplifiers on which repair was already attempted, without success. Because of the amateur work, it was done more damage than good, causing us to have more work and more expenses. Following the example of repairing LCD monitors, some try to do home fixes, without appropriate tools and measurements. We don’t advise such kind of repairs, as in most cases they only cause more damage. In order to avoid such future inconveniences we enclose a picture displaying what components DO NOT cause problems or damages and they are best left as is.

Mazda 6 3 MX5 Bose


Affected Catalogue Numbers:

BBM2 66 A20 BBM266A20
BBM4 66 A20 BBM466A20
F190 66 920 F19066920
F190 66 920 F19066920
F190 66 920A F19066920A
GAN6 66 920A GAN666920A
GDL1 66 A20 GDL166A20
GER4 66 A20 GER466A2
GS1D 66 920A GS1D66920A
GS1E 66 920A GS1E66920A
GSE1 66 A20 GSE166A20
NH58 66 920 NH5866920
NH59 66 920 NH5966920
NH60 66 920 NH6066920
NH61 66 920 NH6166920
NH61 66 D20 NH6166D20
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