Emulators for Air Intake Manifold Actuators on Mercedes-Benz 3,2l V6 CDI engines


We have created a new emulator for the air intake manifold actuators on vehicles Mercedes-Benz with 3,2l V6 CDI engines. We can sort in the same group the vehicles with the denomination 280CDI, 320CDI and 350CDI.

These emulators work on a Plug&Play principle so that anyone can mount it, even without knowledge and special tools.
Once mounted, it is required to reset the Engine Controller errors with a diagnostic tester.

The diagnostic testers show one or more of the following errors:

  • 2530-002 Check component M55 (Inlet port shutoff motor). Short circuit to ground.
  • 2513-1 – Check component M55 (Current Inlet port shutoff and motor) Positioner stored signals fault.

The vehicles loses power, or doesn’t start at all. In some cases the engine electronics halts all further DPF filter regenerations, and can result in a DPF filter so much obstructed to give the vehicle a poor driveability.

All of you, who have already faced with this issue and want to fix it immediately, can call us on numbers +386 1 563 53 25, +386 41 652 952 or send us an email on info@avtoelektronika.si and make an appointment with us. You can also write us a message from our Contacts page and we will try to respond in the shortest amount of time!

These emulators were made for the following catalogue numbers:


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