Frequent fault of non-original ZENEC multimedia console with radio and navigation for VW vehicles


VolksWagen vehicles can be easily equipped with the non-original multimedia console Zenec, model number ZE-2010. Also these console are affected with faults. Usually the symptoms show upon turning on the console: the console turns on but shows only the logo. In some rare cases the audio still works. The Touchscreen doesn’t respond.

We can easily fix this fault and and save money You would spend by buying a new control unit.

All of you, which have already faced with this issue and you want to fix it immediately, can call us on numbers +386 1 563 53 25, +386 41 652 952 or send us an email on and make an appointment with us. You can also write us a message from our Contacts page and we will try to respond in the shortest amount of time!

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