Frequent fault on Fiat model cars!

Frequent fault on Fiat model cars!We prepared excellent news for you! Indeed, when our experts repaired AirBag module for Fiat Bravo, they discovered fascinating thing, which no one succeeded till now. At first this mistake seemed to be minimalistic, but eventually they’ve  discovered, that it’s frequent fault, which could make a lot of problems in your vehicle!

Experts from Avtoelektronika d.o.o. company discovered frequent fault on modules for Airbag, and fault has been discovered on Fiat Bravo. Soon after that they’ve decided to test other models of Italian car brand, and results were quite devastating! Also we’ve decided to share catalogue part numbers, in which could this fault be found. Please check, if your Fiat also have this problem, if does then also check part number from list above (first column is Fiat part number, second column is Siemens part number):

51775402 5WK43640
51775404 5WK43641
51782985 5WK43908
51808041 5WK43908
51827584 5WK43640
51827585 5WK43641
51838066 5WK44147
51838067 5WK44148
51848079 5WK43908
51851217 5WK43640
51851218 5WK43641
51867767 5WK43908
51873889 5WK43641
51873988 5WK43640

All of you may be asking now yourself, what is problem with module? Well, main problem is in dashboard, since light for Airbag fault turns on. But, when you connect your car to diagnostics software, there is no fault to be shown. And here is the catch, which our experts manage to solve, so for example you don’t have to worry if Airbag would go off if you had a car accident or similar problem.

The price of new module from factory is 550€ + TAX, but our team can fix this fault for you for ONLY 250€ + DDV. Also you have to pay for unmounting and mounting module on your vehicle, which is additional 50€, but eventually you get a discount of more than 40% from retail price! Eventually even if you would buy new part, there are big chances that fault would show again!

All of you, which have already faced with this issue and you want to fix it immediately, can call us on numbers +386 1 563 53 25, +386 41 652 952 or send us an email on and make an appointment with us. You can also write us a message from our Contacts page and we will try to respond in shortest amount of time!

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