Even German giant isn’t immune to frequent faults

Even German giant isn't immune to frequent faults !!!

Engineers of AvtoElektronika d.o.o. company in  Črnuče, have discovered interesting stuff – frequent fault, related to AirBag module, obviously didn’t affect only Fiat cars.  Big German brand Audi is affected. We tried to find solution online, but unfortunately we were without success. Obviously our guys did an excellent job – again!

Frequent fault is found in cars Audi A4, from 2007 make year. For now, only one catalogue number has been affected – 8K0959655B (Audi number). What concerns Siemens catalogue number, it’s 5WK43749. Problem is same as in Fiat cars – on dashboard, light for Airbag turns on, car diagnostics software on other side doesn’t show any problem or error. Only in few cases diagnostics software showed error: “65535 internal defect“.

Cost of new part is approximately 500€, if we add cost of unmounting old and mounting new part, prices goes up for additional 100€. So the total would be approximately 600€. Our experts fix this problem for HALF of that price – only 300€ (fixing module, cost of unmounting and mounting part and programming of module). Total repair time is around one hour, since we have already fixed modules which only have to be installed and programmed. Eventually you save 300€ or more, since official service repair shops additionally charge their work!

All of you, which have already faced with this issue and you want to fix it immediately, can call us on numbers +386 1 563 53 25, +386 41 652 952 or send us an email on info@avtoelektronika.si and make an appointment with us. You can also write us a message from our Contacts page and we will try to respond in shortest amount of time!


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