Problems with navi units MMI3G on Audi

Audi Navi Becker MMI3G problem not working

Problems happen with navi units Audi multimedia MMI3G produced by Becker.



  • After losing power (disconnection of the battery, removing the unit…) the unit does not start anymore
  • The software update interrupts unexpectedly, the unit does not work anymore
  • When starting up the unit, the loading screen stops at the initial phase


Tester reports:

  • The MMI unit diagnosis is not possible
  • Other units report that, the comunication with the MMI unit is not possible or impeded


All those who have this problem, and want to repair it as soon as possible, can contact us on the number +386 41 652 952 or, by sending an e-mail to, or through the contact form.

We offer 1 year warranty on the repair.


Catalog numbers:

4E0 035 646 4E0035646
4E0 035 666 4E0035666
4E0 035 666 C 4E0035666C
4E0 035 666 E 4E0035666E
4E0 035 666 F 4E0035666F
4H0 035 664B 4H0035664B
8R1 035 652 A 8R1035652A
8R1 035 652 B 8R1035652B
8R1 035 652 D 8R1035652D
8T1 035 652 G 8T1035652G
8T1 035 664 B 8T1035664B
8T1 035 664 C 8T1035664C
8T1 035 664 D 8T1035664D
8T1 035 666 A 8T1035666A
8T1 035 666 D 8T1035666D
8T1 035 666 H 8T1035666H
8T1 035 666 J 8T1035666J
8T1 035 666 K 8T1035666K


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